Over 60 per cent of all Indigenous 17-24 years olds in Australia are not fully engaged with work or study after leaving school. Many of them are capable of achieving so much more than this.

But continuing high levels of unemployment and generational welfare dependency among Indigenous communities mean that our children often lack the support and role models they need to show them how to live independent, fulfilling lives.

Without that guidance, our youth struggle to achieve the wonderful life and career opportunities which are open to all Australians. As a result, many of them are travelling down roads that lead nowhere.

For many years, Ganbina has been working with young Indigenous people to realise their own educational
and career dreams of a better future, free from dependency on welfare, health and financial services.

Looking ahead, we are focused on accelerating our program migration strategy by showcasing and sharing our programs to help bring about positive change in other Indigenous communities across Australia.

We hope that the success of Ganbina’s program will inspire you to join us in partnership so that we can continue to empower Indigenous youth and their communities to achieve lasting and life changing outcomes.

Anthony Cavanagh
Anthony Cavanagh
CEO Ganbina