Our purpose
Ganbina's aim is to empower Indigenous communities to achieve true social and economic equality with other Australians within the next two generations.

To achieve this, we work with young people throughout their secondary school years to make sure that they get the right education, jobs training and life skills they need in their formative years to enable them to reach their full potential as adults.

By successfully completing their secondary education and going on to tertiary training, meaningful employment and ultimately financial independence, we know that these young people are an inspiration to others in their communities to do likewise.  In effect, they act as 'agents of change', ultimately helping to break the cycle of long term generational unemployment and welfare dependency among Indigenous people.

It's a genuine 'Hand Up' rather than 'Hand Out' approach. It is represented graphically by our logo of two hands reaching out to help one another, circled by the rising sun which symbolises the dawning of new opportunities in life.

To date, over 950 young Ganbina participants have seized these opportunities wholeheartedly. As a result, they are all well on their way to securing meaningful and financially independent futures.
"Ganbina works with the right people, in the right place, at the right time to make sure they never get to a crisis point. It's prevention, not cure."
Craig Marshall, CEO, The Work Group