Ganbina's Jobs4U2 program is the most successful Indigenous school to work transition program in Australia, with a minimum of 80 per cent of all young people who enrol each year completing their full course activities. The program enables young people to unlock their career and life opportunities, with the focus on being the very best they can be. The elements of the program are:

Jobs Education
Teaching school students the value of education in terms of career choices, exploring career options, leadership roles and work experience opportunities.

Jobs Training
Helping young people to achieve the right skills, training or qualifications they need when they leave school, whether they want to take up tertiary studies or obtain a job.

Jobs Employment
Working with young people to obtain and maintain meaningful jobs and advance through the workforce to the best of their abilities.

We award over 300 scholarships annually to cover education related expenses and enable primary, secondary and tertiary students to go to school, college or university.

Leadership Training
A three program for Year 10-12 students who we have identified as potential community leaders.

Driver Skills Program
This program aims to limit the incidence of unlicensed driving and youth appearances in court for driving offences and help with the costs of obtaining a license.

Youth Achievement Awards
50 awards are presented annually and are open to all Indigenous youth, not only those who are taking part in Ganbina programs.
"The Leadership Program has given me some amazing experiences that I would never have had otherwise, it's opened my eyes to so many new opportunities."
Ganbina participant