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Wanganui Park Secondary College
Ganbina works with two thirds of the Indigenous children at this school from when they start in Year 7 to when they finish in Year 12.

Principal Ken Murray says: "In the early years, Ganbina provides in-school support for the students. As the students progress through the year levels, the staff from Ganbina encourage them to consider long term aspirations and goal setting and to investigate the range of post-school options available to them.

"It is very much a hands-on approach, helping students with any issues that might be troubling them or preventing them from attending school or achieving their goals.

"The Ganbina staff also support students in providing information around work experience, traineeships and part-time employment."

"We really value Ganbina helping the students with motivation, commitment and the desire to achieve practical outcomes."
Ken Murray, Principal, Wanganui Park Secondary College
McGuire College
McGuire College is a multicultural school with over 400 students representing a diverse range of nationalities and ethnicities including Indigenous cultures.

Assistant Principal Susanne Gill says: "Because we have so many children from different backgrounds, it's important to do everything we can to create individual pathways for our students.

"In this regard, Ganbina is a valuable resource for our school, providing additional mentoring and practical resources to our Indigenous students.

"Essentially, the Ganbina people act as positive role models for our Koori children. That's a very important thing for any child to have and often especially so for Indigenous children who may not have access to them otherwise."