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Crown Resorts, Melbourne
Crown partners with Ganbina to provide employment opportunities and career experience and advice.

Sean Armistead, Group Manager Indigenous Programs, says: "Crown’s support of Ganbina is a holistic one which goes well beyond just providing employment opportunities.

"For example, our Executive Team invites Ganbina Leadership Program participants and graduates to dinners where they share details of their own career pathways with them.

"We also host groups of younger Ganbina participants at Crown so that they can explore what types of jobs and careers are available to them in our industry.

"What attracted us to Ganbina is that it is truly geared towards making a difference in Indigenous communities and creating real outcomes.

"It also makes sound business sense for us as we have a commitment to create 2,000 Indigenous jobs by 2021."

"We have a lot of time for Ganbina. They are a very hands on organisation, helping young people in practical ways to be the best they can be."
Nathan Battle, Store Manager,
Kmart Shepparton
Kmart, Shepparton
Kmart provides employment opportunities and coaching activities to young people on the Ganbina program.

Store Manager Nathan Battle says: "We have formed a very solid partnership with Ganbina and work with them in a number of ways to support the young people on their programs.

"Firstly, we provide a range of employment opportunities here in the store.

"Secondly, we are also developing a program of coaching activities to help young people understand what employers are looking for when they hire new employees.

"One example of this is a mock interview program where they can gain experience in a 'safe' environment on how to carry out a successful interview. The aim here is to help them to make the most of their interview opportunities, not only with Kmart, but with other employers too."