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Philanthropic partner stories
Gandel Philanthropy

Supporting innovative and effective Indigenous programs is a key focus for Gandel Philanthropy which is committed to helping build stronger, more resilient and more inclusive communities around Australia.

"One of our key areas of focus is Indigenous programs, particularly in relation to supporting youth at risk. We look for programs that are evidence-based, have a real impact, address the underlying causes of inequality and deliver tangible results.

"Ganbina ticks all those boxes and is really hitting the mark in terms of making positive, lasting change.

"We are fully behind Ganbina and the work they do with young Indigenous people."

Vedran Drakulic, Chief Executive Officer, Gandel Philanthropy

"Ganbina delivers good news and is illustrative of some of the best work that can be supported by philanthropy."
Genevieve Timmons, Philanthropic
Executive, Portland House Foundation
Social Ventures Australia (SVA)

SVA facilitates the work of outstanding social programs by linking providers such as Ganbina with financial and strategic partners & providing strategic planning and development advice.

"SVA has partnered with Ganbina for 13 years because the evidence proved they were running an outstanding program for young First Australians in the Goulbourn Valley, Victoria.

"Ganbina has consistently delivered results for their young people and created a solid group of 'agents of change' who will contribute to successfully closing the gap both in the Goulbourn Valley and across Australia.

"Long term, we believe Ganbina’s concepts and approach have the potential to be replicated in other Indigenous communities and we have worked with them to
facilitate that."

Rob Koczkar, CEO, SVA

AMP Foundation

The AMP Foundation supports social entrepreneurs who are achieving positive results, particularly in the area of Indigenous youth. They support Ganbina financially and also provide mentoring activities.

"We investigated a number of Indigenous youth programs operating in Australia and chose Ganbina because they are true social entrepreneurs who are working at grass roots level and producing tangible, positive outcomes.

"You have only to meet young people on the Ganbina program to see success in action. They are so focused on learning as a stepping stone to a successful career pathway.

"Through working with Ganbina, our executive team also has a much better understanding of Indigenous issues than we would have otherwise."

Helen Liondos, Manager, AMP Foundation