Ways to help
Trusts, corporate supporters and individuals help Ganbina in a number of ways including:

  • Funding Ganbina's programs and operations.
  • In-kind contributions including volunteering and product or service donations.
  • Hosting and mentoring Ganbina youth including access to corporate and professional leaders and teams.
  • Venue provision for youth workshops and other functions.
  • Professional Services such as career counselling and strategic operational advice.
  • Access to contacts who may assist Ganbina.
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Sponsor Case Study

Goldman Sachs were initially involved with Ganbina as a financial sponsor, but support can be more than just a financial donation. For example, the company has since extended its support and now:

  • Operates a mentor relationship between one of its Managing Directors and Ganbina's Chief Executive Officer;
  • Hosts the Ganbina Youth Leadership Group on a regular basis at the company's Head Office where executives from a diverse range of business units share their career experiences;
  • Provides marketing assistance to Ganbina; and
  • Facilitates introductions to other organisations and individuals who may help Ganbina.