> How is Ganbina funded?
> Will my sponsorship help drive real change?
> How can I donate?
> Can I direct a donation to a specific program?
> How can we be involved beyond money?
> What reporting would I see?
> If I give now do I have to keep giving?
> Can I make a bequest?
> How do you manage risk?
> Do you have DGR & ITEC status?
How is Ganbina funded?
Since Ganbina was established in 1998, our work has been funded entirely by sponsorship from the private sector including charitable trusts, corporate sponsors and individual donors.

We do not receive any government funding because our programs do not meet the criteria for organisations offering 'employment programs.' These criteria stipulate that young people taking part in such programs must be currently unemployed.

Because Ganbina's programs are preventative, ie, our fundamental aim is to make sure that young people make a seamless transition from school to work and avoid unemployment at all costs, we are not eligible for government funding.
Will my sponsorship help drive real change?
Yes, Ganbina's programs can and do make a very real difference to the lives of young Indigenous people and consequently, to the advancement of the wider Indigenous community as a whole.

By equipping our young people with a good education, jobs training and life skills, they are able to mature into confident, self-supporting, independent adults. These youngsters not only go on to live successful and fulfilling lives themselves, but by example, they also act as tangible role models for positive change within their own communities.

History has shown that there is no quick fix solutions to the issues of entrenched welfare dependency, unemployment and disadvantage within Indigenous communities.

Ganbina's methodology has proven successful where other strategies have failed because it is a long term commitment to, and investment in, bringing about sustainable change from the ground up. Developing a new generation of success today will inspire and encourage success tomorrow and will slowly, but surely, sow the seeds of permanent change.
How can I donate?
Most organisations or individuals prefer to discuss sponsorship options personally with Ganbina's CEO to find out more about Ganbina's programs and where your support can best be utilised.

If you would like to do this, please contact our CEO, Anthony Cavanagh, by telephoning him on (03) 5831 4200 or emailing him at anthony@ganbina.com.au.

If you would like to make a one off donation to support Ganbina's work, please click on the link below.

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Can I direct a donation to a specific program?
Yes, your support can be directed to a specific activity or area or you can make a donation and allow Ganbina to determine where those funds would best be invested.
  Most donations are discussed individually with the donor and are tailored to your individual circumstances and wishes.
How can we be involved beyond money?
We very much appreciate support in all forms and in many cases, sponsors extend their financial contributions by investing their time, services or skills, either into Ganbina as an organisation, or to individual participant programs.

Examples of non monetary sponsorship include industry tours, work experience opportunities, job placements, mentoring, information exchange functions and personal or professional development courses.
What reporting would I see?
We offer several types of reporting to our sponsors to keep them up to date with their investment in Ganbina.

We send all sponsors a regular newsletter which contains updates on the progress and achievements of actual participants and we publish annual reports on this website with comprehensive program reports and financial information. We also issue six monthly reports on each Ganbina program which include statistical data and financial acquittals for the period and are available on request.

Major investors also receive individual program reports at the end of each contract period with Ganbina.

All sponsors are invited to attend the annual Youth Achievement Awards held in November each year; and other special events which may be held throughout the year by Ganbina.
If I give now, do I have to keep giving?
Our programs are structured in such a way that no one activity is totally dependent on one sponsor for it to continue operating. This means that organisations or individuals can give to any capacity and within any time frame that suits them.
Can I make a bequest?
Yes, we welcome bequests because your guaranteed commitment allows us to plan for the future and develop new activities knowing that we have the capacity to sustain them.

All bequests are discussed on an individual basis with our CEO Anthony Cavanagh. If you would like more information about this program, please telephone him on
(03) 5831 4200 or email him at anthony@ganbina.com.au.

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How do you manage risk?
We have comprehensive risk management strategies and practices built into all our management systems, administration procedures and program delivery models.

These strategies are reviewed every six months by the Board and updated if necessary to ensure they are relevant to any changed practices within the organisation.

We also conduct regular risk management audits to identify and manage any potential or emerging issues.
Do you have DGR & ITEC status?
Yes we have held both since 2001. Both certifications are available on the ATO website.