What type of research data is available?
Ganbina undertakes several type of research projects, some of which are sponsored by external organisations and some of which we fund ourselves.

Executive Summaries of our research projects are available free of charge. Full reports are available for a nominal administrative fee which varies according to whether the research is funded or non funded.

If you would like to know more about the full project reports, please email us at info@ganbina.com.au
Can anyone use your data?
Ganbina's policy is to share its information and data with others for the common good.

However, we do ask that any person or organisation using Ganbina's proprietary information does acknowledge Ganbina as their reference source.

Can you organise focus groups?
We conduct a number of ongoing research programs and where possible, we do try to facilitate external requests within those studies as long as they do not strain staff resources.

Each request is considered on an individual basis. Please contact info@ganbina.com.au for more information.